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The following examples rely on the (www.npmjs.com) akashacms-embeddables (external link) plugin. It supports a long list of embeddable stuff, many of which require asynchronous operations to fully render.

This example uses framed-embed to load the video

Source: (www.youtube.com) Jordan Bloch (external link)

Go behind the scenes at: http://www.gallonsoflight.comOn January 3rd, the Knapp family took a road trip in their new Tesla Model S. Using free, solar-powered...

And this example uses simple-embed

This next set of examples are a video stored on Vimeo. That service offers a simple REST based protocol (using oEmbed) meaning this can be a live example where we cannot with Youtube.

Source: (vimeo.com) Johanson3 cargo bikes (external link)

Johanson3 electric foldable, dismountable range of cargo bikes Innovative the most complete line of electric foldable, dismountable, Cargo bikes, cargoscooters,…